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TaskMaster Latest News
TaskMaster is still being actively developed. I have decided
that it would be better to develop a client/server based application
due to the fact that using a database limits some things that are
in the works for the next version of TaskMaster. I am still accepting
bug reports and feature requests from end users, so I can get
them fixed or added in.

Web-Based Taskmaster is in the works.
There was a release of the new v0.1.16 version of TaskMaster
on July 1, 2005. I have been busy in my personal life and haven't
had time to update the web site... So here it is. The new download
is available in the download section from the left. Please feel free
to email me with comments or suggestions, or if you want to help!
Thanks All!

No Programmatical Changes have been made this weekend,
however the Users's Manual was started. The complete
version will be made available as a link on the left once It's
finished. For the time being, the in-progress documenation guide will be available here, in PDF format.
(for versions for Microsoft Word, or Open Office.Org, please email me to the link at the left)
v0.1.13 has some minor interface changes to it -- now, if the
user clicks the close button (X), the form is sent back to the
system tray, rather than exiting (there is also an exit button
placed on the main form).

File support has been added, and can be configured from the
Setup menu. It supports UNC filenames
ie: \\server\share\mydatabase.
Also, v0.1.13 marks the first release of publicly available binary
installer applications. If anybody knows of a better one to use
rather than the stock VB one, do let me know!

Work has also been started on the Installation Guide / User's Manual. Thanks!